Rent, sale and service

Real estate on the Costa Dorada

and in the province of Barcelona

If you want to buy a property on the Costa Dorada or in Barcelona, you made the right choice by visiting our website. Only SpainDomService works on the principle “Less, but better” and the company does not hide the real amount of its commission.
We are engaged in full support of bargains ranging from a selection of property alternatives to receiving the original sales and purchase contract. Commission for our services is fixed and will not increase if any additional services are needed. We do not require any advanced payment because our work is based on trust.
You do not have to spend hours searching on the Internet for the property you need, the language barrier will not embarrass you any more and the most important thing is that you will not be afraid of being tricked by an attractive offer. We will do all of these for you. Thus, you will get the most reliable information and available data.

Why us?

Our property management approach unites all the services in one complex solution for one client.

Depending on customer needs, we offer a full range of real estate management services, as well as one or several specific types of services.

Maintenance of Your property.


  • Management of activities concerning the real estate item, acceptance of the real estate item for after-sales services, creating a list of your requirements.
  • Organization of the preventive maintenance of the house, home appliances, automatic control and heating adjustment.
  • Overall cleaning organization and maintenance of the real estate item in proper condition including rubbish removal and its recycling.
  • Carrying out minor and major repair works and reconstructions.
  • Organization and control of construction projects (houses, guesthouses, garages, pools and others).
  • Major purchase assistance including delivery, household appliances and furniture assembling and installation.
  • Insurance assistance (property insurance, real estate insurance, vehicle insurance).
  • Postal service during your stay (mail keeping and invoice).
  • Payment of your thrift account in the amount of your deposit.
  • Organization of cooperation with community services.
  • Safe key storage.
  • We provide services in the sphere of technical operation and cleaning as well.
We cooperate with leading insurance companies in Spain

We offer insurance services


Insurance of real estate by €9 per month. We provide our clients with full support in Russian without any additional charge in case of the occurrence of the insured event.

Insurance against non-payment

Non-paid rent insurance by €18 per month.Maximum insurance payout – 12 months.

Health insurance

Health insurance by €30 per month.Treatment in the best medical centers of the country.

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